Silver Shield Xchange #1

The first Silver Shield Xchange podcast will be sent out for FREE to all subscribers every Sunday.

If you missed it this week’s mailing, be sure to sign up here, and next week we will include SSX #1 and next week’s FREE Silver Shield Xchange podcast.

Here is the time line for the Silver Shield Xchange #1

00:00 Silver Shield Xchange In 2015 -In With the New Out With the Old
14:47 2014 The Year of the Failed False Flags? Fear mongering reaching deafening new heights, being domesticated vs being un-domesticated
25:15 Lessons from Ferguson, false choices and the third option
30:58 The Death of the Petro Dollar and the Rise of the Hyper Dollar
46:27 Russia, Ukraine, Oil, and the six month window to look out for
50:30 – Cornering the bear and America the crazy ex-girlfriend
58:39 – Silver News and Silver Shield Collection Updates
113:02 – Thought of the Week – The Generational Line in the Sand

4 years ago


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